Viewers Interact,
You Get Paid.

We believe in interactivity and community support for everyone. That’s why we’ve built a powerful tool that allows you to collect sponsored tips from your community. Viewers donate for free, you get paid.


Power to the people

Viewers download apps and games to interact with your content and streams...without paying a cent. With GawkBox, anyone can donate.

Amounts that matter

GawkBox donations are made through app installs and in-app events, meaning we can keep tip amounts high. Like; $100 high.

Track your Tips

With customizable on-stream notifications and plugins, see who's tipping, and when. 

real-time reports

See your top tippers as well as real-time reports on your creator dashboard.

Pays well with others

Complete the monetization equation: use GawkBox alongside your current donation platform.

Steady as it goes

Get paid securely, on a consistent monthly schedule.